VAV is a face-to-face conversation between two authors who work within the culture of sign in its every dimension, from graphic design to drawing, from illustration to painting, from graphic novel to street art.

VAV acts as a magnifying glass on the part of contemporary art that owes its origin to graphics. It chooses to focus on the work of two authors at a time, because it believes in the importance of returning to the slowness of watching as an act to gain knowledge.

VAV serves as a container where the sign is also a word, aiming to unravel the visual language of each author through a dual interview that forms the starting point for the composition of an imaginary dialogue.

VAV intends to found a phenomenology of the sign: it starts by formulating the vocabulary and it builds every volume on a particular keyword that guides the selection of the two authors and the form of the visual and verbal encounter with them.

VAV investigates the systems of visual language by means of critical in-depth analyses.


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If you contribute with a minimum donation of 4€ (shipping cost included), we will send you the Vis-à-vis, a booklet printed with love, first idea of a VAV.


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