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David Shrigley and the paradoxes of everyday life

I'm ready to be evalueted

David Shrigley is author of drawings, paintings, sculptures, photographs and animated short films. The field in which he is more prolific is the drawing: basic, in black and white, totally freed from the canons of reality, often supported by a written text and, mainly, subjugated to the concept.

I'm ready to be evaluated, David Shrigley

In his entire work the aim is highlighting the paradoxes of everyday life, showing the disharmonies of reality and finding an intriguing aspect even in the most ordinary and nonsense actions.

In his animated short videos, among which there is also the music video for Blur’s “Good Song”, the drawing is extremely simple, almost childish, but it is animated with great effectiveness.

The characters which are drawn with a few lines jauntily come to life and become the protagonists of bizarre, sometimes surreal, situations, and their representation oscillates in a strange dualism between raw irony and familial sympathy.

“I want to say things as quickly and directly as possible.”

It is exactly this that takes Shrigley’s work away from the purely ludic dimension: a viewpoint which is critical and alert to the world, the will of affirming what is simple at the expense of what is refined.

The depicted situations often stir up a laugh, sometimes a bitter or disgusted reaction, and in many cases they do not fail to make you think. David Shrigley lives and works in Glasgow. In England young people appreciate his drawings so much that they get tattoos of them on their skin.