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Inge Druckrey - Teaching to see - VAV magazine

Inge Druckrey, teaching to see

Teaching to see is a 2012 documentary film directed by Andrei Severny. The subject of the narration is Inge Druckrey and her method of “training the eye”. “Training the eye is very, very important. You can’t come up with ideas if you don’t see — first.” We owe Inge Druckrey, German graphic designer, born in […]

J.W.i., 2014

Alex Kanevsky. Painting as a form of dialogue.

There is still the question of what should and should not be considered art, what defines beauty and what is simply the reflection of a cultural and social crisis. We continue to classify knowledge in sets which are now without meaning, demarcations which have been overcome even by their supporters. Is the viewer who is […]

Uno dei manifesti di VAV al Cheap festival

VAV for CHEAP Green

The second edition of the CHEAP Street Poster Art Festival, was held in Bologna this year, from March to May. The festival was created and organized by two cultural realities which are a point of reference for the city, eLaSTiCo and the TPO. CHEAP wants the redevelopment of, and redevelops, peripheral or abandoned urban areas. The Festival, very […]

Mediumní kresba III

Jan Švankmajer. Drawing, touch, sight.

Jan Švankmajer is certainly the well-known Czech film-maker whom a lot of us know, but he is also an author who expresses himself through a multiplicity of languages, sculpture, installation, collage and drawing, fully consistent with his will of recreating the universe, of putting on his “wonderland” which, as he himself claims with certainty, has substance […]